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How much is Giordano Worth?

mLFK8fCRYkyzYnr7HYxSHjwAnyone who knows me will tell you that my secretly adopted team in the West that I absolutely love watching is the Calgary Flames. Bob Hartley has my admiration for taking lemons and making lemonade with this club, not only making the postseason but winning a round. I love the way that with only Monahan and Hudler really standing out among the forwards, he built the offense around the defense, allowing Giordano, Brodie and even Russell (!) to roam up and down the ice looking for the open man and firing at will.

Giordano was among the short list of candidates for the Norris before he went down. His offensive skills are amazing, he puts the fear of God into anyone watching him come down ice, not sure if he will shoot or pass and his transition game, his ability to turn on a dime and get back in position is unparalleled in the game. He truly is a marvel to watch. A force with and without the puck, one of the dew I would pay top dollar to watch. The only drawback is regularly, nearly every year he is injured and misses a significant amount of time.


The Flames are looking to get him locked up long term, if the initial numbers are any indication he is going to get paid. According to TSN the initial request from Giordano’s camp is upward of nine million a year for a long term deal.


I don’t know, I mean, I love the guy, i love the team, but nine million a year? For a long term deal to boot? No matter how good he is he is always missing 15-20 games every season, and it seems like a lot to me. No way I let him get away tho if I am the Flames, if he hit the open market this offseason, quite frankly he would probably be offered it by someone. I am just incredibly torn on my opinion of his value. I have a poll asking for opinions.

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